In 2010, as Banco Confidence, we were the first bank in the country to operate exclusively in exchange, approved by the Brazilian Central Bank.

We achieve our goals by seeing exchange based on the standpoint and movement of our customers, with the aim of delivering solutions with speed and security, capable of generating profitable and valuable business. That is because, at the end of the day, being ahead is the differentiator that consolidates us in the exchange and international payment market.

A full, tailor-made portfolio

With an important team of specialists, we offer solutions in exchange for import, export and financial operations, in a customized and fully simplified form.

Performance of the Confidence Group

The Confidence Group focuses its activities solely and exclusively on foreign exchange operations. That is, our performance cover operations and solutions for the purchase and sale of foreign currency, foreign currency checking accounts, international remittances, and payments. We thus reinforce that none of the companies of the Confidence Group operates in businesses not related to this nature, such as loans, financing and investments, so we do not approach customers and the market with offers from these segments.

We are all over the world

We are part of Travelex – the world’s largest exchange company, with more than 40 years of experience. That is, we have knowledge and a global structure to serve you with dynamism and total security.

Information Security and Cyber Threats

The Confidence Group, in line with the main recommendations of the financial market regulators and among the main corporate guidelines for an effective information security and cyber threat monitoring program, establishes the awareness and education plan on this topic for its employees, partners and customers, through its Corporate Policy, Campaigns and Educational Booklet, with tips for your daily life in your company and that apply to your family as well.

We chanded our brand and strengthened quality.

In 2015, Banco Confidence became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Travelex. As early as 2018, the group’s new board of directors identified the opportunity to expand the brand in Brazil, resulting in Travelex Bank.

Our Pillars

Being an expert in its foreign business.
Always innovating and constantly renewing itself.
Seeking success with agility and safety.
Working exclusively with foreign exchange.

This is how we build strong partnerships:
working closely, to enable you to go further.